1st Grade Practices Divergent and Convergent Thinking

The first graders continued to practice Divergent Thinking this week by brainstorming topics such as, “Things We are Thankful for That We Cannot See.”  Today, they thought of “Things We Should Say More Often.”  I embedded our brainstorming wall below, or you can click on this link.  To accompany this activity, I showed them a Kid President video called, “20 Things We Should Say More Often.” I promised them I would include it in this blog post, so it is also embedded (or you can click here).

I wanted the kids to start thinking about how important it is to let other people know that they matter – just like the parent videos that they watched on Tuesday made them feel loved and important.  Thanks, again, to all of you parents who contributed!

We also started learning about Convergent Thinking today, and practiced by doing some Thanksgiving Sudoku puzzles.  I was really proud of the group who correctly completed their 2nd puzzles individually and then worked together at our interactive white board on a difficult puzzle.  They had great synergy!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  Enjoy your holiday!   Don’t forget about the 1st Grade GT Parent Orientation on December 3rd at 5:30 in my classroom.

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