1st Grade “Frames” Their Moms

In addition to their country research today, the first graders did a little deep thinking about mothers in honor of Mother’s Day.  I borrowed an idea from the GT teacher who writes the blog,  “Not Just Child’s Play“, and asked the kids to draw their mothers in the middle of a frame.  Then, in each of four sections around the picture, the students had to think about their moms in a different way.  First, they came up with the “Big Idea” of moms – what is being a mom all about?  Then they came up with “Rules” for being a mom.  After that, they thought about the “Language of the Discipline” – what is something moms usually say?  And lastly, they had to use “Multiple Perspectives”, and put themselves in their mom’s shoes.  Here are some of them.  And, don’t worry, dads come next!

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