4th Grade Learns the Art of Commenting

One of the benefits of having a class blog is that the students can “publish” their work for others to see.  This can be a powerful motivator to create quality work – but only if they have evidence that other people will be viewing it.  That is why commenting is so important.  When the students support each other by giving specific, encouraging comments, it can be very motivational.  So the 4th graders practiced this in class today, and they did an excellent job.

In addition, the students interviewed their partners to get some ideas for their “Faberge Surprises”.  They will have the next two weeks to complete their gift for their partner, and will score each other on: how surprising it is, how meaningful it is, and if it took thought and effort to prepare.  Parents, if you have any questions about the project, please feel free to e-mail me.

The kids practiced some creative thinking by using the “Put to Another Use” tool from SCAMPER.  They thought of different ways an umbrella could be used, and I’ve put three of their drawings here:  as an anti-gravity parachute, an “air balloon”, and a waterproof computer.

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