3rd Grade Discusses Systems Thinking

The 3rd graders finished up presenting their wonderful Powerpoint presentations on the senses to the class.  I was very impressed with how well they worked toward the rubric they had been given.  They have learned some great research skills, and I think future projects are going to be phenomenal!

I introduced them to the book, Billibonk and the Thorn Patch, which is a book that teaches about systems thinking.  We had some really good discussions about the first few chapters, and the students made great connections between the book and their own lives – such as when they are involved in negative cycles that can only be broken if they change their behavior.  One student also made some amazing observations about the book’s relationship to “Leader in Me”.

We finished off the day with some Venn Perplexers, which are difficult math challenges.  Most of the class had done some last year, but the new students worked really hard to catch up, and definitely made up for lost time!

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