2nd Grade Researches Bridges

After reviewing what we learned about the Brooklyn Bridge, I showed the students how we could apply more depth to our learning using icons from Dr. Sandra Kaplan. We talked about the unique “Details” of the bridge, the “Trends” and “Patterns” in bridge building that we saw from looking at other suspension bridges, and how the bridge “Changed Over Time”.  Then the students each chose their own bridge from the Building Big website, and looked for similar information for their own bridges.

We also worked on a tough logic problem, and I was proud how hard everyone tried!  Great thinking, 2nd grade!

2 thoughts on “2nd Grade Researches Bridges

  1. I am amazed at how much information they learned about the Brooklyn bridge. My son was talking about the history behind it for more than an hour. He is sooooo exited about our trip there this summer 🙂

    • That is so awesome that he will get to see the bridge in person! I have seen it before, but certainly did not appreciate it without knowing all of the history.

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