Kinder Solves Sudoku

The Kinder students continued to work on Sudoku puzzles today.  We did one together on the interactive board, then they worked on some St. Patrick’s Day Sudoku on paper, and then they moved to the iPads.  I had them try out a new Sudoku app, as the one I previously mentioned, “Sticker Sudoku”, is no longer available in the app store.  This time, we tried “Lola’s Fruit Stand.”  Unfortunately, the trial was short, because the free version does not have all of the levels.  You may want to ask your child if they think they would like to continue playing that game to see if it is worth getting the full version at home.  In the meantime, I will keep looking!

One interesting outcome today was to see the students choosing different Sudoku apps based on difficulty.  I had one student who tried the one I have on my iPad, which is harder, and he struggled through, so I really praised him for his hard work.  Some of the others felt more comfortable sticking with the easy ones.  I would recommend to parents to watch this video about mindsets (this for the parents only – not the kids) to see what you can do to encourage your child to embrace challenges.  I try to incorporate what I learned from that video into my classroom.

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