4th Grade Fabricates Some Faberges

4th grade GT began today with a game on our interactive white board designed to encourage discussion about the novel we just finished, Chasing Vermeer.  In teams, the students had to think of answers to questions like, “What is one feature of Chasing Vermeer that could have been eliminated without changing the story?”  They submitted their answers to me anonymously, and I chose the best response to each question.

They also worked on completing their “Faberge” eggs.  In doing this, they were creating Intrapersonal Masterpieces that reflect their personalities.  I was happy to see that there was as much variety in the egg designs as there is in our class!

4 thoughts on “4th Grade Fabricates Some Faberges

  1. Mrs. Eicholtz
    It is so creative what your 4th grade students are doing I hope 3rd grade is over soon so I can make one.

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