Scientific Method – The tootsie pop!

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This activity had me in stitches.  We have been working on the Scientific Method and the steps that scientists use when conducting experiments.  We decided to conduct an experiment of our very own.  How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?  We divided the groups by color and even had a discussion about the correct way to lick the tootsie pop so that all of our data was valid.   We didn’t want to have too many variables.  The groups all choose different ways to keep track of their data.  Our results:  Chocolate takes the longest to reach the center and the average is about 300 licks.  Check out the videos.  

Turf and Table – Properties of Matter

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Today we began our unit on Properties of Matter.  The students were given a ping pong ball and a golf ball.  We talked about that they thought the term observable meant and added that word to our word wall.  The students were supposed to use as many properties as they could to describe the similarities and differences of the 2 balls.   I had a variety of  science tools on the back table for them to explore with.  They were free to use the tools however the saw fit.  It was a great way to see if the kids knew what the different science tools were used for.  Photo Sep 01, 1 54 01 PM Photo Sep 01, 1 54 17 PM Photo Sep 01, 1 55 43 PM Photo Sep 01, 1 56 10 PM Photo Sep 01, 1 58 02 PM

Commonalities Cards

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All week, our class has been working together in their table groups to find all the things they have in common.  Each time they found a commonality that they all shared, they could write it down on an index card.  I didn’t tell them what we were going to do with the cards until Friday.  They found out that they could use their cards to build a card tower!  Who could build the tallest tower that didn’t topple?

Photo Aug 26, 1 59 26 PM Photo Aug 26, 1 59 10 PM Photo Aug 26, 2 02 41 PM

Team Work Activity

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Today we gave the students a challenge of stacking red cups into a pyramid.  There were only a few rules:  You cannot touch the cups with your hands.  You have to work together. You can only use the tools you were given.  It was great to see and hear then strategize.  Check out the pictures for yourself.

Photo Aug 28, 1 23 20 PM Photo Aug 28 1 24 25 PM new Photo Aug 28, 1 23 25 PM Photo Aug 28, 1 23 44 PM Photo Aug 28, 1 23 58 PM