S.A.G.E. Learning

SAGE is an acronym for the type of project-based learning we want to do at ISA. It stands for:

  • Student choice
  • Authentic work
  • Global significance
  • Exhibition to a real world audience

Here is a chart in which all my major projects are analyzed according to SAGE.

Student choice Authentic work Global Significance Exhibition of work

choose story,

costumes, lessons

perform a play

communication in groups,

and to audience, stories are

from another culture

perform to 1st graders,

at elementary schools

C-SPAN choose topic make a documentary global current events

submit to StudentCam


Make a 


submit potential topics,

choose a volunteer group,

plan a service project,

organize presentation

work in groups to

design and implement

a service project

developing empathy,

learning how NGOs work

presentations at