Teaching Digital and Interactive Media allows me to creatively apply my 27 years of teaching experience, my technological curiosity, and my passion for helping students grow into effective collaborators.

A product of NEISD, I graduated from Theodore Roosevelt in 1984. During my senior year, I was awarded a scholarship to Trinity University from the Brackenridge Foundation. The program aimed to recruit high-achieving students into teacher training. After my cohort graduated, Trinity revamped its education program and created the Masters in Teaching degree, based somewhat on the experiences of my 17 colleagues. I later returned to Trinity and completed my Masters in Educational Administration in 1993.

I came to I.S.A. in 1997 and served as the chemistry teacher until 2009. One opportunity I enjoyed in that role was serving as a consultant to the Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network, as well as developing curriculum for the many special events at our school (for example, the trip to Zacatec

as, Mexico).  I continue to work on interdisciplinary projects today at the freshman class level, such as our 2011 summer assignment based on the book, Bamboo People, in my current role of media teacher.

Prior to serving at I.S.A., I was a science teacher at Nimitz Middle School for six years, and at Wood Middle School for four years. In both schools, I taught sixth grade science. At Nimitz, I served as department head and was Teacher of the Year in 1994.  In 2007, I earned National Board Certification, and the same year was named one of three state semi-finalists for the Presidential Award in Math and Science Teaching.  In the spring of 2010, I was named one of five state semi-finalists for the Lifetime Achievement Category (over 20 years of teaching) for the HEB Excellence in Education Awards.

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