Getting Started

What is a Blog?

Why Blog?

Are you a teacher for NEISD interested in having your own NEISD Edublogs account?  If yes, please submit a help desk ticket with “Software-Miscellaneous” for the main category, and “Edublogs” for the sub-category. You will receive a confirmation email when we receive your request and another after your account has been created. 


  • Examples of blogs: Go to the post section (click on home) of this training page to view examples of blogs from different educators within NEISD. 
    • What do you notice about the physical appearance of the blogs?
    • How did the teachers integrate the curriculum throughout their blog?
  • The URL to your blog is as follows:
  • Your username is the same as Active Directory
  • Your password is ne—— (6 digit emp number)
  • Welcome to Your Dashboard
  • Changing Your Personal Settings
    • You can change your password by going to your dashboard and choosing Users/Your Profile. Scroll to the bottom of the page to reset your password.
    • By default, visitors must login to view your blog. Go to Settings>Reading. Next to Site Visibility, click in the radio button next to one of the top 2 choices. 
    • By default, visitors must enter an email address if they would like to comment. Go to Settings>Discussion. Next to Other Comment Settings, uncheck the first box that says comment author must fill out name and e-mail.
    • You can change the Site Title of your blog by going to Settings/General
    • You can choose your fonts by going to Settings>Writing and checking the boxes of all fonts you would like to use.
  • Changing Your Theme
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