Super Day in Second Grade

In 2nd grade we have been studying Biomimicry, the new science of looking to nature for ideas on how to solve problems and invent new things for our world.  The kids chose an animal to research and thought about what they could learn from that animal that would allow them to create something new for our world.  Enjoy some of the finished videos below.

Today in GT we got to use the posters and iPads on Biomimicry to make a movie.  Mrs. Germadnik showed us a new app.  In the morning we did an excellent puzzle that we had to use our GT brains to solve. I got to see my sister because she came to use the computers.  

By Giana

By Emily

By Carly

By Grace

By Rebecca

By Casey

By Molly

By Giana

By Catt

By Kaylee

By Faith

First Day of Kinder GT!

Today was my first day with my incredible kindergartners   We really hit the ground running and these kids were more than ready!  I will let them tell you about our day below.

A.M.: We rot on the tabl.  We got to yoos the iPad and we got to hav fun.

Ethan: We rot on the tabl.  We mad videows and thot of wrds in GT.

Jovanah: We wrote on the table. We made our feelings.

Juliana: We lrnd all ubowt communication.

Justin: We had fun.  And we droo on the tabl.  But we will be puding this on the blog.

E.S.: We rot on the tabl. We got to yooz the iPads.

Today we started by taking a pre-test to show what we know about COMMUNICATION.  The kindergartners had to think about the BIG IDEA, the DETAILS, the RULES, and the LANGUAGE of the DISCIPLINE related to communication.  This is a great way for me to see where every child is starting out.  We then went and brainstormed ideas and words related to communication on one of our tables…yes, we wrote on the tables!  Don’t worry, I explained that we could only do this in GT, with my special markers. 🙂

Following our brainstorm the kids thought about ways they communicate each day.  Each child brainstormed 4 ways they communicate and drew a picture to go with their idea.  I then put the iPads in their hands.  I partnered the kids up and they had to take each others pictures as they acted out the 4 ways they communicate.  We then used an app called SHOW ME to import their pictures and the kids recorded themselves talking about each of their pictures.  While the quality is not perfect, I think they came out perfectly perfect for their first attempt.  We will definitely work on voice level and expression as we do more projects.  However, they each did all of the work themselves, so that is pretty impressive.  I am excited just thinking of all that we can do this year.  I hope you enjoy the movies.







Totally Tremendous Tuesday by Madison P. and Arianna M.

Our student bloggers for Tuesday decided to test out a new app (PowToon) in their Edmodo account to share the events of our day.  Tuesday was the first day they heard of, saw, and played with this app, so I think they did a great job.  I look forward to seeing all of the ways that these creative 5th graders use PowToon throughout the rest of the year.


Created by Madison P. and Arianna M.





Marvelous Monday by Kaylee H.

Hello visitors.  My name is Kaylee.  Today, GT 2nd Grade is learning about biomimicry.  What is biomimicry, you ask?  Well, biomimcry is where you scrutinize animals to make an invention to make the world better.  For example, people looked at butterfly wings to make paint and geckos for tape that feels not sticky, but is very sticky.  I researched an orca for my invention.  Did you know an orcas tooth is 3 inches  long? Crazy, right?

                                                                                          Your friend,


                                                                                           2nd Grade GTer

Abel’s Boats

In first grade we have been reading a wonderful book called Abel’s Island, which follows the adventures of a mouse called Abel as he attempts to make his way home after being marooned on an island. The first graders used materials available in the classroom to build a boat that might help Abel escape the island.  Enjoy a video showing the kids as they create, complete and test out their boats.

Bridges: Part 1

In 3rd grade we have entered the exciting and fascinating world of bridges. 2 weeks ago the kids took a pre-test to showcase their current knowledge and we have been filling the gaps ever since.

Last week the kids were introduced to the three main types of bridges: Beam, Arch, and Suspension.  Through some video clips and the Building Big website they were able to get some rudimentary information on each main category of bridge.  The kids then set off to use K’Nex to build bridges.  Each group was given a different type of bridge to focus on.  Over the next few weeks we will learn more about each type of bridge and why one is chosen over another.  They will learn about forces and how that impacts bridge building as well.  Below you can enjoy pictures of the kids in action.

Building Bridges on PhotoPeach

Punished:  We just finished our novel, Punished last week.  The kids and I have had a terrific time playing with words.  Puns, oxymorons, anagrams, and palindromes have been great fun.  This week I had the kids create a poem, story, rap, or song using at least 5 palindromes.  They all did a great job.  Here is a small taste of what they created:

Palindrome Poem

By Rylee Davis

I was walking outside in the dark, stormy sun.

I said to my mom, “Is supper almost done?”

Then mama said to me, “Yes, Hannah, darling dear.”

Then I heard a quick step right down at our pier.

I peep open the door in a subtle, quiet way.

Then I look who’s out there, it’s my dad, John Ray.

Then I gave him a big hug and mama did too.

THen we lived happily after with my brand new shoes.

Fingerprints: Part 1

Last week we had the opportunity to learn about fingerprints and how they are unique to each individual, another reminder that our differences are to be celebrated and used to our advantage.  The fourth graders researched the different types of fingerprints and their subcategories.  After their research it was time to put their new knowledge to the test by studying our own fingerprints.  Each student gathered their 10 fingerprints and used a jewelers loupe to study their prints in more detail.

This week the kids chose the fingerprint that they found the most interesting and put it on a balloon.  They blew the balloon up, which allowed them to see a blown up version of their print.  They referenced their balloon as they began creating an artistic interpretation of their fingerprint.  The pictures below show them in action.  I am excited to see their finished products.

The Unexamined Life…

In 5th grade the kids started with a Quotation Quizzler, that revealed a quote by Socrates.  “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  The students spent time researching and learning more about who Socrates was, his life, his teaching, and his philosophy using a Depth and Complexity frame.  The kids then connected their learning back to our discussion on wisdom versus know it alls from last week. 

Here are some 2-sided people showcasing the differences between a Know It All and a Wise Person.

Coming Soon…Our Utopia Projects

The students spent time brainstorming the worst problems effecting society today.  They ranked the top 5 and came up with a rule that they thought would help erradicate one of the issues.  I think they were surprised to see how challenging it was.  Hopefully their projects will be ready to share next week.

Heap vs System

Heap: a collection of things thrown one on another. 

The 3rd graders started their morning by hunting around the room for an example of a system.  Each student had an opportunity to share their system and discuss what they believe made it a system.  I then introduced the kids to the BIG IDEAS of Systems.  They were surprised to see that each of their systems fit more than one of the BIG IDEAS.

After our pre-test on systems I gave each student a bag of items: tape, battery, light bulb, wire, and paper clip.  The children recorded their hypothesis and then went about proving whether the items they were given could become a system or a heap.  I was astounded by the kids focus and willingness to sit with ambiguity.  They had very few parameters which can be difficult.  When the students started to become frustrated and uncertain several of their classmates reminded them of the Impossible Notecard activity.  It was wonderful to see them make connections in their learning.