2nd Grade: Bridges

The second graders have been studying and learning about bridges over the last several weeks.  As a culminating project each student chose one bridge to research and learn about.  They used PicCollage to place themselves on their famous bridge, imported their image into Thinglink and added tags with details about their bridge.  Students then wrote an I Am poem from the perspective of their bridge using Google Slides.  They added their poem to their Bridge Thinglink.  When you hover over the tag with their poem, click on the GOOGLE SLIDES in the right corner.  It will open a full size version of the poem so that you can read it.

3rd Grade: Leonardo Da Vinci

In third grade we are focusing on learning what it means to be a thinker, specifically how to be a systems thinker.  What better thinker to study than Leonardo Da Vinci?  Below you will see the kids’ Thinglinks about following in the footsteps of this great thinker.

**Hover over the image and you will see different tags to click on and read about DaVinci.

**There are two SPECIAL TAGS.  One will say Adobe Voice, click on the link and you will learn about Da Vinci and Perspective.  The other will be about one of his inventions.  To see this Google Slideshow in full screen, click on the word Google Slides in the bottom right corner of their slide show.

2nd Grade: Biomimicry Thinglinks

The second graders have been hard at work creating Thinglinks to advertise their Biomimicry Invention.  They used a whole host of apps in their projects: Comic Book, ChatterKid, Educreations, PicCollage, and of course, Thinglink.  I love the individuality of each child’s work.  A few projects are not quite finished, but I went ahead and posted everyone’s.  As they add more to their project you will see the added tags show up on their Thinglink.

We have a Thinglinks inside of Thinglinks. 🙂 Click on the tag next to your child’s name and it will take you to their Thinglink.  Click on all of their various tags to learn about their invention and which animal inspired it.

The kids also started researching a famous bridge for our last project of the year.  I can hardly believe that we only have one class left!

Tremendous Third Grade

The Wordle above describes the characteristics of my tremendous third graders.  These are the words they brought in to describe themselves.  I was quite impressed and excited to work these kids.

Each child chose one of the words to write up on our SmartBoard.  Their peers needed to record what they thought the definition would be.  After recording all of our guesses for these new vocabulary words, each student used an app called Tellagami to share their definition.  We watched each other’s Tellagami’s to record the actual definition.

Below you can see how they used Wordfoto, PicCollage, and ThingLink to create finished product showcasing all of their vocabulary words, sitting in a place they best like to think, sharing how they currently see themselves as thinkers. Hover near their heads and click on the BLUE CIRCLE to hear their Tellagami’s!

When the 3rd graders were finished sharing their Tellagamis, they chose one new vocabulary word that they really liked and created a cartoon to help others understand the meaning.  Enjoy a few examples below. Click on each image to see them more clearly.