2nd-5th Grade: Mission Statements

We are a Leader In Me school, which means that we are working hard to live a life following the Seven Habits:

Be Proactive
Begin with the End in Mind
Put First Things First
Think Win-Win
Seek First to Understand, then be Understood
Sharpen the Saw

In order to better live these habits we need to have a shared mission.  During the first week of GT, each grade answered the following questions: What are we here to do? How are we going to accomplish it? Why are we doing this.  The kids added their ideas to a chart on our board with post-it notes.


We then looked for patterns within our answers and used those patterns to create one shared mission.  I think the kids did great.

4th Grade: Begin with the End in Mind

As we continue our journey in the world of Leader In Me, I see the value in Habit 3: Begin with the End in Mind.  We all need to have a focus, know what we are working towards, to have a goal, otherwise all our work is for naught.  I want the kids to think about why they come to GT, the purpose, so I had the 4th graders create a Mission Statement for GT:

IN GT, we are here to OPEN OUR MINDS and STRETCH OUR BRAINS by making mistakes, asking questions, and collaborating.

As GT learners, we will make new friends through interacting and synergizing, allowing us to feel safe to make errors.

By persevering, improvising, and doing things in different ways, we will DEVELOP OUR TALENTS, which will grow our brains.

We will CHALLENGE ourselves by ZOOMING PAST OUR LIMITS, creating new limits and goals.

We will have FUN as we excel as LEARNERS and LEADERS.

I asked the children to think more personally: What did they hope to gain after a year in GT?  Why spend your Wednesdays with me?  How do you want to be different in June.  The kids used Photofy to share the END they expect and hope for.

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2nd Grade: Working on our W.I.G.

The 2nd graders did their October Check In on their WIG, our Wildly Important Goal. They are working to learn their multiplication tables with automaticity to help prepare for some higher level math we will be doing in the second semester.  I am so very proud of the effort and practice many of the kids are putting in.  When we started in September the majority of students had 0-1 correct in 45 seconds.  This week we had many kids that were correctly answering 7-9 in 45 seconds.  Every child answered at least one correct, with the average being 5.

Before our checkpoint the kids had a chance to play a game on Kahoot to test their knowledge.  We all had a great time.

There were many lead changes throughout, but here were the final results of our Kahoot.



So proud of Taylor.  She had one correct in September, but got 9 correct during our October Check In.  Way to to, Taylor!  Keep up the good work.

Taylor October