It Was Our First Day!

What a fabulous first class with my kindergartners!  They were enthusiastic, ready to learn, and oh so excited.  Today was mostly about getting to know each other, so that we will be a great team of learners.

When the children first came in they found their spot and spent time designing the cover for their GT folder.  While designing their cover iPads were being passed around and the kids were using an app called iCardSort to brainstorm feeling words.  They did a terrific job using both the iPad and the new app.  I can see that there are quite a few iPad pros in the group.  Below is one of the brainstorming boards.

Following our brainstorming each child drew and wrote about how they were feeling on their first day in GT.  Be on the lookout next week for their responses.  They are going to record themselves reading their sentences.  I just love recording their sweet voices.

Speaking of sweet voices, you can click on the play buttons below to hear why the kids think they come to GT each day.  I always love hearing their responses…in their own words.

To view FULL size Glog  just hover over the word GLOGSTER and you will see that option.

Communication…What is it?

What is communication?

How do we communicate? 

What does communication look like? 

Communication is many different things.  Please tell us what you think communication is in the Answer Garden below.

What is communication?



Communication is…… at

Now, think about how communication has changed over time.  Add a comment to the post sharing ways you have seen communication change over time.

Testing Update


Testing is currently taking place for the Kindergartners. We are in full swing and I hope to be finished by the end of the week, barring any absences.  Qualification letters will come home sometime next week…probably closer to the end of the week.  Please email with any questions or concerns.

Middle School Testing:

I am currently taking nominations for Middle School testing.  Students can test for English, Math, or Both.  If a student is currently in GT, then I already nominated them.  Testing will begin in February and last through March.  Results will not come home until May.  If you have questions and/or concerns please email me.  BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THE PERMISSION TO TEST FORMS.  I will send them home in the next week.

New Students:

If a student is new to our district, and was in a GT program in a previous school, then I will also be testing those students.  Please be patient.  Between classes, kinder and middle school testing my schedule is quite swamped.  I am working to be as quick and efficient at possible

Animals Communicate, Too!

Throughout the semester the kindergartners have been learning about communication.  After focusing ways people communicate we decided to take a look at the ways animals communicate.  We were surprised to find some similarities between people and animals.  Click on the picture below to visit a terrific website to learn how many different types of animals communicate.  Can you share some of the new things that you have discovered?  I would love to hear from you!



Can you describe or define a friendship in six words or less?  Can you give a clear picture of a special friend using such few words?  Here is an Animoto created by a 5th grader that does just that.

Challenge: Think of a special friendship you have and share that friendship with 6 or fewer words.  See the power of words!

Create your own video slideshow at

Our “Not A Boxes”

After reading Not A Box and brainstorming and collaborating on Dabbleboard the kids had a chance to create their own Not A Box using Kidspiration.  They did a terrific job!  This was the first time many of the kids had used a laptop without a mouse.  They adapted with ease.  It is neat to see what young children are capable of!

Our “Not A Boxes”!! on PhotoPeach

Endless Fun With Boxes

Based on a book called Not A Box by Aintoinette Portis we discover that a cardboard box is much more than just a box.  Try your hand at turning these boxes into a Not A Box.

The embed feature is not working properly, so click on the book Not A Box to draw on the Dabbleboard.

not a box 2

Which Face?

In kindergarten we’ve been talking about communicating nonverbally.  The students had an opportunity to match sentences to facial expressions.  It was great fun.  Each student chose one face and created a picture around the face.  We then brainstormed feeling words that matched our drawings.  The kids created a Feeling poem to go with their art piece.  Enjoy!

Which Face? on PhotoPeach 

Terrified by Molly


Worried by Hunter


Sleepy by Lindsay

Scared by Rebecca


Excited by Carly


Sick by Taetem

Hungry by Giovanni

Sick by Luke


Rude by Dylan


Divergent Thinkers

It is important that we learn to take risks as learners, to become creative thinkers.  A fun way to do this is to look at something from multiple perspectives.  Look at the shape below.  Use the Freehand drawing tool to add details to one of the squiggles to turn it into something new.