Communication…What is it?

What is communication?

How do we communicate? 

What does communication look like? 

Communication is many different things.  Please tell us what you think communication is in the Answer Garden below.

What is communication?



Communication is…… at

Now, think about how communication has changed over time.  Add a comment to the post sharing ways you have seen communication change over time.


This week we watched a great video about Biomimicry.  What is biomimicry, you say?  Well, watch the video clip before to find out!

So, look around.  Can you find things that were created by man…but inspired by nature?  Scientists, Architects, Mathematicians, Designers all look to nature for inspiration. 

Please help us think of some real world examples where Biomimicry is at work.

Understanding Structure

The second graders were introduced to the world of crystals this week through a book called Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg.  We read the first part of the story where a group of worker ants headed on an adventure to recover some delicious crystals found in an unknown place…a family’s kitchen.  Two of the ants found the crystals so delicious they decided to stay in the bowl of crystals and eat to their hearts content.  After the children put on their different thinking hats to consider whether staying in the bowl was a good idea, they started to wonder what crystals might be in that bowl.  The kids thought perhaps jewlery from the mother, a broken necklace, a crystal rock, pencil lead, etc.  There was a wide range of ideas.  The one thing the kids decided was that one must take a closer look in order to truly know what was in that bowl.  We broke out the jewlers loops and the digital microscope to look carefully at 2 crystals that are found in most every kitchen around the world…salt and sugar.  Here are two images from our investigation:





                SALT                                                                                                 SUGAR

After looking back at our defintion of STRUCTURE the kids decided that crystals were example of Natural Structures…structure created in nature.

Help us think of other structures that are created in Nature.  How many natural structures can you think of?

Systems Thinking

Today was another fabulous day with the 3rd graders.  I am excited by their enthusiasm.  We started the day with a challenging Math Perplexor, but the kids handled it like champs.  I loved seeing their unwillingness to quit…even when they were struggling.  We also had the chance to spend more time getting familiar with an important tool in our classroom…Edmodo.  Edmodo is a web tool that allows the kids and I to be connected from home and school.  The kids will receive, participate and turn in assignments via Edmodo.  They will use the calendar function to stay on top of their due dates and reminders.  Edmodo will also be a place where we discuss topics we are working on in class.  Very soon we will begin our Book Clubs and most of our discussions will take place on Edmodo.  It is a wonderful addition to the GT classroom.  As parents you can receive a code so that you can see your child’s posts, assignments, and grades.

Next week we will begin our first novel, Punished.  Please do not allow your child to read this book outside of class.  I would really like for it to be a book that we work through together in GT.  In preparation for next week the children took a pre-test on some vocabulary from the story.  Enjoy reading the predictions the kids made for each word.  Please do not teach them what these words mean.  I would like the understanding to happen organically as we work through the novel.  Below are some of the definitions they came up.

This year we will work to become great System Thinkers.  Today the third graders began brainstorming everything that comes to mind when they hear the word Systems.  I hope that you will help add to our thinking using the Wall Wisher below.  We would love your input.  Please feel free to share our blog with other friends and family.  The more input, the better!

Structures…Many Meanings

In second grade we are going to spend time learning about the many meanings of structure and how it fits into our learning.  Today the kids took a pre-test to help me understand what they already know about structures.  I will use this information to help guide our curriculum.  The kids came up with some great definitions.  It is obvious that the word Structure is not unfamiliar.

We need EVERYone’s help.  Please click on comments section below this post and share examples of structures.  This brainstorming will be important to next week’s discussion.  We will look more closely at the different types of structures and begin to sort and categorize them.  The more ideas the better.  We would love to hear from students, parents, siblings, friends, etc.  Thanks for your help!