Communication…What is it?

What is communication?

How do we communicate? 

What does communication look like? 

Communication is many different things.  Please tell us what you think communication is in the Answer Garden below.

What is communication?



Communication is…… at

Now, think about how communication has changed over time.  Add a comment to the post sharing ways you have seen communication change over time.

Oxymoron…Say What?

In 3rd grade we have been reading a terrific book called Punished.  In Punished, Logan, the main character has a spell put on him by Professor Wordsworth and is only able to speak in PUNS!  As you can imagine, this is quite annoying for the people in Logan’s life.  They do not find him very “punny” at all.  🙂  In order for Logan to break the spell and go back to normal he has several tasks to take care of.  The first task was to take a picture of 7 oxymorons. 

According to, oxymoron is defined as: a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (as cruel kindness).

Today the kids sorted words to create different oxymorons.  They came up with several: Definite Maybe, All Alone, Freezer Burn…just to name a few. 

Can you help us think of other examples?  Add your ideas to the Answer Garden below.


List as many OXYMORONS as you can…… at

Becoming A Thinker

What can I use as a guide to fulfill my potential?  This is the essential question for our 3rd graders on their quest to become THINKERS…thoughtful, creative, critical thinkers.  As we strive to become a Systems Thinker, we need to understand the Big Ideas about Systems.  The 3rd graders grouped up and took pictures illustrating each of the Big Ideas.   This project has allowed the children to see that there is more to systems than just parts working together to perform a function.  It has led them to look at the world in a deeper, more critical way.  Enjoy the videos below.


After Thanksgiving we will begin studying a great example of a Systems Thinker.  Use the Answer Garden below to brainstorm eminent people that are examples of System Thinkers.

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Systems Are Everywhere!

Today we brainstormed systems using the Wall Wisher from last week’s post.  You will see that it is quite full now.  Based on the list of systems the students attempted to write a definition of the word system.  The students quickly realized that coming up with a list of systems was much easier than writing a defintion.  We looked at the BIG IDEAS about systems and discussed them.  Next week the children will break into groups and go on a System Hunt to find examples of systems that fit each Big Idea. 

We would love your help.  Please take a moment to fill in the Answer Gardens below to get our brains thinking.

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