3rd Grade: All Things Brainy

In 3rd grade we have spent a lot of time studying our brains.  Here are our Thinglinks. You can see some of our many projects from our brain unit.
After dissecting sheep brains I asked the kids to create a QUICK video to share some of the things they learned about the anatomy of the brain.  3 weeks later here are their videos. Definitely NOT quick, but they enjoyed playing with Green Screen and did seem to learn a few things…if you can get through some of the silliness. 🙂

3rd Grade: Leonardo Da Vinci

In third grade we are focusing on learning what it means to be a thinker, specifically how to be a systems thinker.  What better thinker to study than Leonardo Da Vinci?  Below you will see the kids’ Thinglinks about following in the footsteps of this great thinker.

**Hover over the image and you will see different tags to click on and read about DaVinci.

**There are two SPECIAL TAGS.  One will say Adobe Voice, click on the link and you will learn about Da Vinci and Perspective.  The other will be about one of his inventions.  To see this Google Slideshow in full screen, click on the word Google Slides in the bottom right corner of their slide show.