Tuk the Hunter

In first grade we have “flown” north to Northern Canada and the Antartic to learn about the Inuit people.  While there we heard a terrific story about a brave and clever boy named Tuk.  Below are the children’s retelling of this great adventure.  Enjoy.  Share a comment telling us your thoughts on this folktale.











Fun With Language

In third grade we are reading a terrific book called Punished by David Lubar.  If you like puns, oxymorons, anagrams, and palidromes then this is the book for you.  You can click on David Lubar’s book to learn more.  The third graders would love to hear your favorite example of a pun, oxymoron, anagram, or palindrome.  Really, we would love to hear any favorites words or sayings! 



In fourth grade we are uncovering the mystery of who we are.  In that quest we spent time looking at our fingerprints and considering that we are as individual, unique as our prints.  Take a moment to think about what your fingerprint reminds you of and share it in the answer garden below.

My fingerprint is…… at AnswerGarden.ch.

We would love for you to add some comments sharing how you are unique!


The second grade GT students are curious about man-made structures.  We are especially interested in learning more about skyscrapers, towers, bridges, tunnels, dams, and walls.  We would love to hear what you know about one or more of these structures.  Do you know of some famous examples? The purpose of a particular structure? How they came to be?  Do you know of a structure with a faulty design?   Share with us!

Is Lying Always Wrong?

Think about whether you would tell a lie in these circumstances:

If your mother asks whether you had a cookie before dinner (you did indeed have that cookie), would you lie and deny it?

If your best friend is wearing an extremely unattractive outfit, would you tell her she looks great even though you honestly think she looks like a walking disaster?

If you knew you could get someone in trouble by telling a lie about that person, would you do it?

If you knew you could get accepted at a very good university by lying on your application for admission, would you do it?

If you could become wealthy by telling a lie, would you do it?

If you could save a person’s life by telling a lie, would you do it?

-From Philosophy For Kids