What is friendship?  We explored this question and compared our ideas to those of Aristotle.  The 5th graders created word pictures of 5 different friendships in their lives.  They used Animoto to create a movie showcasing these friendships.  Click on the videos below to see their thoughts. 

What do you think friendship is?  Are there different types of frienships?  How do you know who your friends are?  Can you create a word picture for an important friendship in your life?  A word picture is a quick 5 word statement.  Let’s here from you!  We look forward to your comments.

International Wall of Friendship

In second grade we are “flying” around the world to visit well known walls.  As we visit, we are investigating the abstract and concrete ideas associated with each wall.  Our first trip led us to The International Wall of Friendship in  Hobart, Tasmania.  This wall was built to celebrate the different people and cultures that make up Tasmania.  The second graders created symbols and similes to go with the abstract concept of friendship.  Enjoy!

Friendship Symbols











DS in the Classroom?

Today the 3rd graders brought their DS game systems to class…for educational purposes.  😉  We used the pictochat feature to help each other solve and check their Algebra problems.  What a fun change!  Can you think of other academic uses for technology “toys”?  Can you think of reasons we should allow students to use their smart phones, ipods, ipads, and game systems at school?  What would the postives and negatives be?

DS in the Classroom? on PhotoPeach

Divergent Thinkers

It is important that we learn to take risks as learners, to become creative thinkers.  A fun way to do this is to look at something from multiple perspectives.  Look at the shape below.  Use the Freehand drawing tool to add details to one of the squiggles to turn it into something new.

Concrete vs. Abstract

In second grade we are learning the difference between abstract and concrete ideas.  We started by looking at how these two concepts apply to the heart.  Click on the glog below to hear from the heart itself.  After listening to the Blabs, could you help us think of abstract and concrete ideas for WALLS?

Communicating Feelings

Today was the first day of GT for the Kindergartners.  We brainstormed ways that you might feel about starting this new adventure.  Enjoy!  We would love to hear about a first day you have experienced.  How did you feel?  We are trying to expand our feeling vocabulary!

What Are You Willing To Give Up?

In 5th grade we are reading The Giver.  In this novel, the society has chosen to give up many things in their efforts to create an ideal world.  What would you be willing to give up in order to live in a so called Utopian Society?  Feel free to add a sticky note to our wall below, or comment on the ideas we have listed.

Multiple Intelligences

 In fourth grade we are looking at Howard Gardner’s idea that there are many different ways to be intelligent.  The kids took a survey to see how they are smart. The kids are now going to do a research project on a person, place or thing that connects to their intelligence.  Below is a chart showing what the kids have brainstormed so far.  We would love your help!  Can you help us think of examples?  Your ideas could lead us to learn and research something new! 

The intelligences are: Interpersonal (people smart), Intrapersonal (me smart), Naturalistic (nature smart), Bodily-Kinesthetic (body smart), Logical/Mathematical (number smart), Linguistic (language smart), Musical (music smart), Visual Spatial (picture smart).  Please add a comment to help us think of famous examples that fit each intelligence.  It could be a famous person, invention, concept, art piece, etc.

If you want to see how you fit into the multiple intelligences, click the link below.

 Multiple Intelligence Survey