Can you describe or define a friendship in six words or less?  Can you give a clear picture of a special friend using such few words?  Here is an Animoto created by a 5th grader that does just that.

Challenge: Think of a special friendship you have and share that friendship with 6 or fewer words.  See the power of words!

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We were lucky to have Molly Nunnely, a docent at San Antonio Museum of Art, come to speak to the fifth graders about Mandalas.  The Tibetan Monks came to San Antonio several years ago and spent a week creating a gorgeous sand Mandala.  The kids were awed by the focus, dedication and patience that went into the final creation.  They were equally amazed at the level of detail.  After seeing this beautiful work of art created, imagine the children’s gasp of horror when they realized that it would be destroyed so that the Monks could send the healing powers out into the universe via the water cycle. 

The kids will begin creating their own Mandala that reflects their personal philosophy in the coming weeks.  They are already brainstorming the symbols, colors, numbers that represent who they are.

Mandalas on PhotoPeach

Our “Not A Boxes”

After reading Not A Box and brainstorming and collaborating on Dabbleboard the kids had a chance to create their own Not A Box using Kidspiration.  They did a terrific job!  This was the first time many of the kids had used a laptop without a mouse.  They adapted with ease.  It is neat to see what young children are capable of!

Our “Not A Boxes”!! on PhotoPeach

Endless Fun With Boxes

Based on a book called Not A Box by Aintoinette Portis we discover that a cardboard box is much more than just a box.  Try your hand at turning these boxes into a Not A Box.

The embed feature is not working properly, so click on the book Not A Box to draw on the Dabbleboard.

not a box 2

Which Face?

In kindergarten we’ve been talking about communicating nonverbally.  The students had an opportunity to match sentences to facial expressions.  It was great fun.  Each student chose one face and created a picture around the face.  We then brainstormed feeling words that matched our drawings.  The kids created a Feeling poem to go with their art piece.  Enjoy!

Which Face? on PhotoPeach 

Terrified by Molly


Worried by Hunter


Sleepy by Lindsay

Scared by Rebecca


Excited by Carly


Sick by Taetem

Hungry by Giovanni

Sick by Luke


Rude by Dylan


The Brain

In 3rd grade we are about to dive into another system…THE BRAIN!  Boy, the kids are excited about this new unit.  Today we started to brainstorm questions we had about the brain.  Take a look.  I hope you will click on COMMENTS and add questions you have about the brain.  Or perhaps you want to share some interesting facts you know.

Language of the Discipline: Bridges

Interested in learning about bridges?  Well, the 3rd Graders are!  They have many questions and are anxious to research the answers.  As the kids started to research they found some new words that they were unfamiliar with.  We discussed that every field has a unique language.  If you listen in on teachers talking shop it will be very different then listening to dentists talking.  The 3rd graders decided to choose some words related to bridges and create animations to help each other better understand these new words.  Click on the picture below to check out the cool animations they created!


Questions…Lead to Powerful Thinking

This weekend I read a terrific article on the importance of questions in learning.  Click here to read the article.  As I read the article I reflected on the ways learning occurs in my classroom.  In looking more closely at the role questions play in teaching,  I started to wonder what questions my students have, what questions I have, what questions my friends have.  So, let’s share our questions. 

unanswered questions

I would love to hear from you.  What questions do you have?  You can list questions related to school, work, play, relationships, etc.


In first grade we are “traveling” to Italy to learn more about this beautiful country.  We would love your help.  What questions do you have about Italy?  What do you wonder about?  Add a comment with some of your questions.  Is there something you know about Italy that you think we should study?  Share some fun tidbits.  Your questions and personal experiences will help the first graders generate their own questions. 

Click on the dabbleboard below to add questions and fun facts about Italy.  Be sure to click on the save button after adding your ideas.

Italy Dabbleboard

Arctic Animals

The first graders had the pleasure of taking a trip to Nunavut, a territory in Northern Canada.  On our trip the kids had a chance to read a story called Tuk the Hunter which led to questions on the Polar Bear.  The first graders and I took time to research and learn more about this amazing creature.  Through this research the kids began to wonder what other animals they might find in the arctic.  The kids decided to research this topic.  Each child chose one animal to focus on.  They researched their animal, wrote a script from the animal’s perspective and then created a Blabberize to share their new insight with others.  Click on the polar bear below to enjoy the kids finished projects.



Picture By National Geographic