What’s the Big Idea of Intelligence?

I hope that the fifth graders enjoyed their first day of GT as much as I did.  I was wowed by their projects based on Rumi’s poem.  The level of effort that went into demonstrating their understanding had me really excited for the year to come.  I was also quite impressed with the kids presentation skills.  They were pros, so comfortable and composed. 

 Throughout the day we focused discussing our understanding of  the BIG IDEA of intelligence.  The kids started with a challenging, but fun logic puzzle called Ken Ken.  I was proud to see the kids pushing through, despite the difficulty level.  We then read and discussed what Rumi was saying with his poem.  We were only able to get through 9 of the presentations, so we will finish sharing next week.  After organizing our Interactive Notebooks the children reflected on their understanding of intelligence based on our dialogue and presentations.  Below are some examples of their reflections.

By AdamBy Parker

By Ilianna

The kids also responded to the importance of challenges in learning.  Please enjoy reading through the comments made by the kids using Edmodo.  Click the link below to read the kids thoughts.


Puzzling Through

What a great first day with my second graders!  Today we focused on understanding what it means to be a GOOD thinker.  Each student was given a borderless puzzle to solve without tips or hints from me.  Throughout the process we would stop and think about our thinking.  This is a new concept for the children and one we will continue to work on.  The kids learned the importance of collaborating, sharing and discussing when working to solve challenging puzzles.  I am really proud of the way they persevered!

Puzzling Through on PhotoPeach


I am thrilled that classes for Second-Fifth grade are set to start next week!  I have spent the first three weeks testing some amazing minds.   I look forward to having these new children join our classes.  I am sure this is going to be a year full of learning, thinking, and questioning!  Students, both new and old, came home with a welcome letter yesterday.  Each grade level is asked to complete an assignment for our first class.  We are going to hit the ground running.


To Bring the First Day:

  • First Day Assignment
  • 1 inch 3 Ring Binder (3-5 only!!)  If a student has their binder from last year, they can bring that one.
  • A Brain Ready to Work
  • A book
  • List of 3 songs that get you motivated, moving, or thinking

Wish List:

  • Glue Sicks (We use these daily and need lots!)
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Pencil top Erasers
  • If you are able to donate an extra 1 inch 3 ring binder, it would be appreciated.

Animals Communicate, Too!

Throughout the semester the kindergartners have been learning about communication.  After focusing ways people communicate we decided to take a look at the ways animals communicate.  We were surprised to find some similarities between people and animals.  Click on the picture below to visit a terrific website to learn how many different types of animals communicate.  Can you share some of the new things that you have discovered?  I would love to hear from you!


Australian Animal Mix-Up

The second graders have been busy travelers this year and one of our favorite destinations was Australia.  The kids loved learning about all of the neat animals native to that part of the world.   They researched two animals and then created their own creature by mashing the two together.

Two of the second Graders took their PowerPoints to the next level by putting them into photostory, adding voice, music and transitions.  Clickon the play button to enjoy!


Here are the PowerPoints:

View more presentations from bcegt.
View more presentations from bcegt.
View more presentations from bcegt.

Brains…What Are They Good For?

Do you want to be smart?  Well then, you MUST know your brain and how it works.  While scientists are learning more about the brain each day, we already have a lot we to understand.  The 3rd graders made their own brains today using Model Magic.  Enjoy!

Our Brains on PhotoPeach

What do you know about the brain?  Do you know what the four lobes are?  Each part of our brain has a function it performs.  What is the cerebellum’s function?  How about the brainstem?  The Frontal Lobe?  Share anything you know or find interesting about the brain in the comment section below.

The Great Wall of China

In second grade we are learning about different walls around the world.  No unit would be complete without trip to The Great Wall of China.  It was difficult to get the kids to understand and envision how long this wall really is.  Below is a site that allows you to feel like you are walking on The Great Wall.

The Great Wall of China

What do you know about about The Great Wall of China?  What abstract and concrete ideas are related to the wall?

Louis Braille

In kindergarten we have been learning about different ways to communicate.  We took time to learn about Louis Braille and the system for reading and writing that he came up with for the blind.  Below is a message in Braille.  See if you can decode it.  There is also a link to a site so you can write your own messages in Braille.  Have fun!


Key to Decipher the Message!

Braille Website