2nd Grade: Working on our W.I.G.

The 2nd graders did their October Check In on their WIG, our Wildly Important Goal. They are working to learn their multiplication tables with automaticity to help prepare for some higher level math we will be doing in the second semester.  I am so very proud of the effort and practice many of the kids are putting in.  When we started in September the majority of students had 0-1 correct in 45 seconds.  This week we had many kids that were correctly answering 7-9 in 45 seconds.  Every child answered at least one correct, with the average being 5.

Before our checkpoint the kids had a chance to play a game on Kahoot to test their knowledge.  We all had a great time.

There were many lead changes throughout, but here were the final results of our Kahoot.



So proud of Taylor.  She had one correct in September, but got 9 correct during our October Check In.  Way to to, Taylor!  Keep up the good work.

Taylor October

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