Kinder: It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Last week, we experienced a very rainy Friday.  A Friday morning that brought torrential rain…right at drop off.  As I heard the rain coming down, it reminded me of the idiom “It’s raining cats and dogs.” Of course, this immediately made me switch gears with my kindergarteners.  Who can pass up idioms with kindergarteners?  Not this gal. 

So, we started with our word of the day.  Which was, of course, TORRENTIAL.  

After learning about the word Torrential, I put up a list of idioms.  I did share any information about the phrases.  I had the kids choose one phrase and draw a picture that went with it.  When they were done we discussed idioms and that each phrase actually means something beyond what you would anticipate.  The kindergarteners used Comic Book on the iPads to create a comic with their drawing, their idiom, and the meaning behind their idiom.

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We also used our Divergent Thinking with a new logic game called X-Tiles.  Students use clues to solve for X, our mystery number.  Just like in all divergent thinking, we should arrive at ONE RIGHT answer and NOT jump to conclusions.  

The kindergarteners were very concerned that I would get in BIG trouble for letting them write on the desks.  I assured them I had special permission, but that they should NEVER write on furniture in at home or in their regular classrooms. Hopefully they heed my warning. 🙂

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