Kindergarten: Six Dots

Our last two weeks together we continued working on developing our divergent thinking skills.  I gave each child a blank sheet of paper and had them draw six dots spread out over their page.  We then tore our paper into six pieces and each piece had to have a dot on it.  The kindergartners had to scrutinize (new vocabulary word) their pieces and think about what they could become.  They used colored pencils to add details so that we could see what they visualized.  It was amazing to see what images were hiding in their torn pieces.

After creating six different images each child chose one to create a Cinquain poem about.  The kids learned parts of speech to create their new poem.  They had to learn the difference between nouns, verbs, and adjectives in order to write their poem.  After writing their poem, they used an app called Fotobabble to put their poem and their torn art together.

I hope you enjoy them.  I certainly had fun watching them create.

**Parents, I am so sorry. As I started adding the kids work, I realized that we were missing 5 due to some technical difficulties.  I am really bummed out, as all the kids did an amazing job.  I will check the iPads for the remaining 5 and see if I can fix the issues.

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