Kindergarten: Becoming Divergent Thinkers

The last couple of weeks with my kindergartners seemed to be wrapped around becoming divergent thinkers, which can be a little intimidating.  With divergent thinking there are NO wrong answers.  Even kindergartners have learned that teachers and parents find it pleasing when we share the ‘correct’ answer, so the idea that there is no correct answer seems daunting.  We started by discussing the word DIVERGE, to go in different directions.  The kids then looked at a series of circles on a page and we brainstormed things that are round.  The kids were then given the page and they created images out of the circles.  We did a gallery walk to see how our minds went in a variety of directions.  From there I gave all of the kids a paper with the same black squiggle on it.  They could turn their page in ANY direction and turn the squiggle into something by adding details.  Enjoy their work:

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