2nd Grade: Biomimicry Thinglinks

The second graders have been hard at work creating Thinglinks to advertise their Biomimicry Invention.  They used a whole host of apps in their projects: Comic Book, ChatterKid, Educreations, PicCollage, and of course, Thinglink.  I love the individuality of each child’s work.  A few projects are not quite finished, but I went ahead and posted everyone’s.  As they add more to their project you will see the added tags show up on their Thinglink.

We have a Thinglinks inside of Thinglinks. 🙂 Click on the tag next to your child’s name and it will take you to their Thinglink.  Click on all of their various tags to learn about their invention and which animal inspired it.

The kids also started researching a famous bridge for our last project of the year.  I can hardly believe that we only have one class left!

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