5th Grade: The National Anthem

My 5th graders have really taken to their Genius Hour time each week.  This year I have loved watching the kids in action.  This group is creative and passionate. There is still much I need to learn on running a successful Genius Hour, but this group has helped me to see what is possible.

In the middle of March Nick came to class with his guitar.  He told me that he wanted to learn how to play the National Anthem during Genius Hour.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he sat down at the computer, found the music and started trying to learn the chords.  Spencer, was excited by Nick’s idea and decided he wanted to work with Nick on his Genius Project.  Suddenly I had two guitars in my classroom every Tuesday, with the kids working not only during Genius Hour, but also during their lunch.

Two weeks ago the boys stayed in for lunch to practice, along with several of their friends.  They were ready to practice in front of an audience.  Below is a video of their first practice.  In the two weeks since recording the kids have continued to work, practice, and perfect.  I have loved seeing their dedication and passion for learning something new. I hope this example of Genius Hour at work will inspire me to expand it into some other grades next year.

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