1st Grade: Egypt and the Easter Bunny

This week I did not have my full time with my first graders because they were busy learning about the arts with our awesome Fiesta of Fine Arts day.  I know they had a blast, and I was glad that I was able to still squeeze in some time with them.

After Easter I read a great blog post on Not Just Child’s Play about who would be a great partner for the Easter Bunny.  I was interested to see what my 1st graders would come up with, so presented the question to them and let them start brainstorming possibilities.  This was a great way to focus on FFOE, building fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration.  Below are a few examples of their finished work.

We have also been studying Egypt and what we can discover by looking at ancient civilizations. The 1dt graders looked at the Egyptian number system and how it differed from ours.  They created a video of important numbers in their life using the Egyptian number system.  Enjoy a few examples that are finished.

By Ethan

By Jovanah

By Sofi

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