2nd Grade: Biomimicry and Design

Biomimicry is about looking to nature to be inspired to design, specifically to design something that can fix a problem that exists.  We have spent time investigating ways examples in our world.  We looked at how the burrs inspired Velcro, sharks led Speedo to develop faster swimwear for athletes, how the tiny hairs on the bottom of a gecko’s feet are inspiring stronger tape.  

After our investigations, it was time for the 2nd graders to become the engineers.  They chose an animal to research.  They took notes, paying special attention to their animal’s adaptations.  They then brainstormed 4 possible inventions based on 4 of the adaptations of their animal.  They chose 2 to develop further and finally chose one that they wanted to take all the way.  The 2nd graders had to design their product, explain how it uses biomimicry and helps improve an issue effecting people.  We learned about advertising and marketing so that the kids can create their own advertisement showcasing their product.  Below are some pictures of the planning stage of their product.  Next week they will think about how to create their finished project.

We are also starting an investigation of a man-made structure: The Bridge.  The kids took a pre-test to showcase what they currently know about bridges. Next week we will begin studying important language related to bridges, we will build bridges and learn about the various types of bridges.

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