Kinder: Tomorrow’s Alphabet and More

Prior to Spring Break we read a great book called Tomorrow’s Alphabet by George Shannon.  It is an alphabet book, but with an interesting twist.  The kids caught on to the pattern quickly, so I had each student create their own page to a new version of Tomorrow’s Alphabet.  Instead of using the entire alphabet, we used the letters that spelled out KINDERGARTEN GT.  After each student made their own page, they took a picture of their work using the iPads.  We uploaded all their work into Dropbox and then the kids learned to insert their pictures into iMovie.  Each student recorded themselves reading their portion of the book, I added a first page and some music to finish the project off.  Enjoy their work below.  You will notice that a few of the kiddos need to learn how to project their voice, but we will get there. 

This week we read another great book, Not A Box by Antoinette Portis.  It is a story about a rabbit that finds many uses for a box, none being that of an actual box.  His Not-A-Box becomes a burning building, a rocketship, a Mountain, a race car, and many more amazing things, but never a box.  To work on our divergent thinking, I gave a picture of a box to each child. They glued it onto the center of their paper and brainstormed things their Not-A-Box could become.  I loved seeing their creative ideas.  Since I happened to have a box in my room, I took pictures of each child in the box.  We then got the iPads out to start phase 1 of a 3 phase project. 🙂 The kids learned about a great app called PicCollage. They learned to insert a photo from the camera roll, how to clip it, how to insert a background, add text and save their finished product back to the camera roll.  Below you will see a few of their PicCollages.  They are part of a bigger Not-A-Box project.

Photo Mar 21, 9 40 19 AM Photo Mar 21, 9 44 32 AM Photo Mar 21, 9 48 59 AM (1) Photo Mar 21, 9 49 11 AM

 This week instead of getting a new word of the week, we reviewed the ones we’ve learned so far: Finicky, Colossal, Pungent, and Elated.  I love how the kids are starting to use these words in their regular vernacular.  I even had one awesome mommy stop by to tell me her son said he was “elated that she had come to have lunch with him”.  Awesome!  Since we were not getting a new word, I had the kids break into 4 groups and I assigned them each one of our previous words.  They used another great app called, Comic Book to create a vocabulary comic strip.  Now, these kindergartners really amazed me!  They had plans for how to tell the story and act out the meaning of each of their words.  I know that by the end of the year they are going to have some amazing comic strips.  

photo (2) photo

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