Kinder: It’s All About Communication

In GT the kindergartners reviewed what they remembered about our discussion on communication.  They recorded ways that we communicate on their brainstorming sheet.  Many of the kids recorded ideas that we had previously discussed, but I also saw many new ideas, which was great.   Some of the ideas: Sign Language, numbers, exit signs, labels, logos, body language, phones, etc.  After we shared the many ways we could communicate the kids showed 4 ways they personally communicate with the world around them.  

Photo Feb 28, 11 27 22 AM Photo Feb 28, 11 27 09 AM Photo Feb 28, 11 26 49 AM Photo Feb 28, 11 26 09 AM Photo Feb 28, 11 25 58 AM Photo Feb 28, 11 25 34 AM


We also read a fun story called Tomorrow’s Alphabet. It is  an ABC book with an unusual twist.  Tomorrow’s Alphabet starts with A is for seed, tomorrow’s apple and the pattern continues throughout the story.  The kindergartners picked out the pattern right away and did a fantastic job predicting what the Tomorrow piece would be for each letter.  We are working on creating our own version titled Tomorrow’s Kindergarten GT.  This week we focused on brainstorming words for each letter in KINDERGARTEN GT.  On Friday each student will create a page of our book.

Photo Feb 28, 11 29 18 AM (1)

We have also been working on our convergent thinking skills through X-Tiles.  The kids have to work through a series of clues to help uncover our mystery number.  This week they learned odd and even, between, and what NOT means in theses clues. The kids write the digits 0-9 on their desks, yes their desks. I did remind them that they shouldn’t use the tables at home to play X-Tiles, so hopefully your tables will stay marker free. 🙂

Kinder x tilesPhoto Feb 21, 9 26 39 AM

Word of the Week: February 21


Jordan T. told us he created a new gamed based on the word colossal.  I love how he made a school to home connection to our new word.  To play the game: You roll a dice and you get that many blocks to help build your tower.  You continue around until one person has built the most colossal tower, without it falling over.  I love his inventiveness.  Thanks for sharing, Jordan T.

Word of the Week: February 28

Pungent-Strong Smell

Things that the kindergartners consider pungent: onions cooking, fire, skunks, garlic, vinegar, feet, morning breath, armpits and many others.  I look forward to hearing what the kids have to say after discussing our new word at home.

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