First Grade: Australian Animals

Over the last couple of weeks, the 1st graders have been busy researchers.  They each chose an animal native to Australia and used two websites to gather information about what their animal.  Everything from their animal’s habitat, to their food habits, to unusual habits.

After gathering their information, they were ready to create a project to share their knowledge with their classmates.  Each student was given an iPad and we discussed how we could find a picture for their animal.  Most of the kids knew that they could “GOOGLE IT”, but none knew that many of the images found on the internet are copyrighted. So, I started with a mini-lesson on how to use search tools to make sure they are finding free to use images.  We started by googling our animal.  Ishowed them that we could modify our search so that we were only seeing images, by clicking the IMAGES button below the search bar.  I then introduced them to the button SEARCH TOOLS, which allowed the kids to see the choice USAGE RIGHTS.  The first graders needed a picture that they were allowed to reuse and MODIFY.  We learned that modify means to make changes and since we were going to make our animals talk and be a little silly, we needed to choose images we are allowed to reuse with modification.  After clicking on this option we now were able to choose the picture we wanted and add it to our camera roll.

Next we opened a new tool on the iPad, called Chatterpix.  The kids inserted their saved image into this tool, added a mouth and recorded their animal’s script.  Note, before they were allowed to start using Chatterpix they had to have a completed script with factual information about their animal.  I hope you enjoy their work below.

Quokkas by Jovanah

Goannas by Trevor

Marsupial Moles by Aubrey

Tasmanian Tiger by Emily

Tasmanian Tiger by Ethan

Tasmanian Devil by Hudson

Tasmanian Devil by Justin


Cuscus by Sofia

2 thoughts on “First Grade: Australian Animals

  1. What a fun time I had learning about all these interesting animals. Your first graders have done a great job entertaining us while we learn.

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