3rd Grade: Heap V System

Better late than never, I always say…or at least that is what I am going with for today. 🙂  I can hardly believe it, but three weeks ago I gave the kids a bag with a battery, paper clip, wire and lightbulb.  They had to predict whether the items I gave them were a HEAP or a SYSTEM.  They referenced their Big Ideas of Systems to help make their hypothesis.  I then gave the kids time (and LOTS of tape) to try and prove their hypothesis right or wrong.  The video below are the results of their exploration.

This week the kids brainstormed systems that fit the 12 different Big Ideas and went on a system hunt.  They took a picture of each of their 12 ideas.  They are using an app called Haiku Deck to create a slideshow for the Big Ideas.  They aren’t quite finished, so you will have to wait for their awesome presentations until next week.

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