We are Divergent Thinkers!

In kindergarten last week the kids started the day by making a pair of BRAINFOCALS.  These special glasses encourage divergent thinking, the ability to look at the world with more than one lens.

After creating our new glasses we set them to the side to dry and spent some time thinking about how artists communicate with the world without saying a word.  We looked at a series of famous paintings, everything from Picasso to Monet to Van Gogh.  The kids considered how the different paintings made us feel and how a picture can speak to us through color, brush strokes, shape, etc.  Each student then created 4 images that conveyed different feelings from joy to love to anger.

Once we were done discussing how art can be a way for one to communicate a story, a feeling, an event we were ready to try on our new BRAINFOCALS and see how they can help push us to look at things in unique ways.  Each student was given a paper with 4 black scribbles on it.  They had to look at the scribbles and think about what they could become.  The kids were able to share their different ideas and see that no two people look at things in the exact same way.  The kindergartners used crayons to add on to their black scribbles and create different pictures.

Next week we will continue to use our Brainfocals and explore what letters can be…besides the obvious.  We will also look at how musicians are able to communicate through lyrics and instruments.

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