Catching Up With Kinder

It has been far too long since I have posted, but rest assured that we have been hard at work in GT. Friday mornings, with my kindergartners, have been especially busy.

Two weeks ago we worked on learning how to amp up a simple sentence into a POWER sentence. After reading The Alphabet Tree the kids learned the strength that words can have when we connect them with other words to make sentences. We then learned how to take the simple subject-verb sentences and make them stronger through adjectives and using more vivid verbs. The kindergartners used a cool web tool called Google Story Builder and worked to move a sentence from the simple to the powerful. I hope you will enjoy the samples below. Just click on the links below to watch their sentences evolve.

Justin, Jovanah, Alena

Ethan and Emily

Jovanah and Mrs. G.

After spending time thinking about how words play an important role in communication we did an activity called Which Face?  This activity allowed the kids to realize that our facial expressions and body language can communicate just as clearly as our words…sometimes more clearly than words. The kids had 9 faces on a piece of paper.  I would read a sentence and they had to match my sentence to the correct expression.  After they were finished, they chose one of the faces to create a nonverbal story.  Enjoy their interpretations below.

This past week we finished up facial expressions by having each kid choose 4 feeling words (from a list we brainstormed) and they used the iPads to take their pictures demonstrating each feeling.  The kids labeled each of their feelings.  As you can imagine I got a lot of HAPPY, SAD, MAD, etc.  I wanted to encourage the kids to develop their vocabulary, to use stronger words. I introduced them to the term synonym and to a thesaurus.   Each student had to  find a synonym for each of their 4 original feelings words.  It was a lot of fun.  We ended up with words like MELANCHOLY  SPIRITED, APPREHENSIVE, FEROCIOUS, GLUM.  The kids inserted their 4 pictures into an app called PicCollage to create a poster of their four facial expressions.  They then inserted their PicCollage into another fun app called Wordfoto.  They typed their original feeling words along with their new synonyms.  I think the finished products are awesome.

Which Face? on PhotoPeach

Continuing with our theme of nonverbal communication, I had the kids watch a beautiful silent movie called Monster Box.  It was created by 4 french graduate students at Bellecour Ecoles D’Art.  After watching the video the kindergartners used oil pastels and watercolors to create their own monsters.  They wrote a cinquain poem about their monster and used an app called Videolicious to record themselves reading their poem as the audience enjoys their monster art.

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  1. It’s great to watch my grandaughter in San Antonio while living here in Florida. I am sure Emily will be using her new skills when she visits in the summer. I always look forward to your posting and enjoy watching all of them. Thanks so much.

    Grandma Susan

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