Cool New Tools in Kinder

With Bike Rodeo taking place today, I wasn’t sure how much we would accomplish, but boy did the kids surprise me.  They were here ready to work.

Convergent Thinking and Mystery Creatures

Last time we met I introduced the kindergartners to Convergent Thinking.  We became detectives and put on our convergent thinking caps to examine some clues.  The clues were about various mystery creatures.  It was fun to use the clues to try and guess the animal.  It was a challenge for the kids to not jump to conclusions, but rather to go through all of the clues before making their prediction.  They did get better after we had gone through a few examples.

Next I had the kids choose a favorite animal and generate clues that would help us guess their mystery creature.  They used a fun app called TypeDrawing to draw their creature.  They saved it into the photo roll and used Educreations to create a video with their clues.  I hope you enjoy their finished products.






Communicating through Powerful Sentences

We also read a wonderful story today called The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni.  It is a wonderful story about a tree full of letters that learn to work together to make words, sentences, and then more powerful sentences.  It demonstrates the power letters have when they combine together, which fits nicely with our unit on communication.

I introduced the kindergartners to some new language today: NOUNS, VERBS, and ADJECTIVES.  We talked about how these words could help take a simple sentence and turn it into a powerful one.  Below you will see a Google Story Builder that we did as a class that demonstrates how to transition from a simple to a power sentence.  We did this one as a team, but next class they will create one together.  Click on the simple sentence below to see how we changed it.

The dog ran.


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  1. I just love what you all have been learning!! I enjoyed seeing the sentence grow and how I could picture the dog much better in my head! Great job guys!

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