Marvelous Monday by Kaylee H.

Hello visitors.  My name is Kaylee.  Today, GT 2nd Grade is learning about biomimicry.  What is biomimicry, you ask?  Well, biomimcry is where you scrutinize animals to make an invention to make the world better.  For example, people looked at butterfly wings to make paint and geckos for tape that feels not sticky, but is very sticky.  I researched an orca for my invention.  Did you know an orcas tooth is 3 inches  long? Crazy, right?

                                                                                          Your friend,


                                                                                           2nd Grade GTer

6 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday by Kaylee H.

  1. Kaylee,
    Biomimicry sounds so interesting! Possibly, we could use an armadillo’s shell as a bicycle helmet! We could also use it for helmet and knee pads! That would certainly protect bike riders when they fell!

  2. Kaylee,
    Very interesting! I would love for you to talk about biomimicry to our class one day. Let me know if that is ok with you.
    Thanks Kaylee

  3. Kaylee,
    That was very interesting and I learned something new. Maybe over Spring Break we can do an experiment over something you’ve learned in GT. Have a great day! Love Nonna

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