Biomimicry by Molly D.

I am thrilled to begin having the students take an active part in our GT blog.  Each week a different student will have the opportunity to write about our day. Today Molly D.  earned the 2nd Grade Student Blogger spot. She earned the chance through effort, participation, and dedication to her learning this week. I look forward to seeing who our next Blogger will be.

Our Marvelous Monday

By Molly D.

Today we continued to learn about biomimicry.  We were studying giraffes and pondering how we could make life better, more efficient or make life run smoother using parts from the giraffe.  And now that you ask biomimcry is when you imitate nature and using your GT brain to do it!  Now let me tell you a little bit about giraffes.  They have sharp hooves, they can have tongues up to 21 inches long, and their hooves are so powerful they can knock the wind out of a lion.  Crazy, right? Mrs. Germadnik told us next week we were going to pick an animal to use biomimicry and write inventions that we come up with from that animal.

We are also starting to study math word problems.  Today we had a problem I like to call The Magic Plant.  On this problem we had to count the centimeters while doubling!

6 thoughts on “Biomimicry by Molly D.

  1. Molly,
    I enjoyed reading about your day in GT. Biomimicry sounds so interesting and fun. I wish my neck was as long as a giraffe. I could reach the ceiling fans in my house and use my 21″long tongue to dust them!
    Have fun next week.
    Mrs. Storer

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