Unfortunately Middle School testing has shortened my last two classes with 5th grade, but we still managed to get in some research on cells. The fifth graders took a pre-test on Cells last week.  They were then assigned to a group and given a Discover Magazine on Cells.  Each group was given two pages to read, study and learn.  They were then to create a poster and presentation to teach us all that they learned.  The 5th graders became the teachers and quickly learned it is not as easy as their great teachers make it look.  The kids created amazing posters and had terrific ideas on how to get us to engage with their presentation.  While their presentation ideas were terrific, we need to work on execution.  Many of the groups failed to project their voices, face their audience, check for understanding, etc.  I still think it was a terrific first attempt. The kids learned a lot and had a great time.  The study of the cell is leading us into a deeper investigation of genetics and the role it played in The Giver and other short stories and novels to come.  Here are some pictures of the kids creating and presenting.

Learning About Cells on PhotoPeach

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