It Was Our First Day!

What a fabulous first class with my kindergartners!  They were enthusiastic, ready to learn, and oh so excited.  Today was mostly about getting to know each other, so that we will be a great team of learners.

When the children first came in they found their spot and spent time designing the cover for their GT folder.  While designing their cover iPads were being passed around and the kids were using an app called iCardSort to brainstorm feeling words.  They did a terrific job using both the iPad and the new app.  I can see that there are quite a few iPad pros in the group.  Below is one of the brainstorming boards.

Following our brainstorming each child drew and wrote about how they were feeling on their first day in GT.  Be on the lookout next week for their responses.  They are going to record themselves reading their sentences.  I just love recording their sweet voices.

Speaking of sweet voices, you can click on the play buttons below to hear why the kids think they come to GT each day.  I always love hearing their responses…in their own words.

To view FULL size Glog  just hover over the word GLOGSTER and you will see that option.

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