Communication…What is it?

What is communication?

How do we communicate? 

What does communication look like? 

Communication is many different things.  Please tell us what you think communication is in the Answer Garden below.

What is communication?



Communication is…… at

Now, think about how communication has changed over time.  Add a comment to the post sharing ways you have seen communication change over time.

4 thoughts on “Communication…What is it?

  1. The best example of communication change that I can think of is the primary medium in which communication occurs. In the distant past information was communicated via only verbal communication due to the majority of people not knowing how to write. They studied and ensured the information was the same and consistent. After writing became more prevalent it became the main form of communication. And today, I believe, our primary form of communication is via visual mediums. Examples are television, the Internet, cell phones.

  2. Well, my son, Evan, says communication is talking. I believe there is much more to communication than simply talking. There can be communication between two individuals without a word being spoken. A lot can be deciphered from body language and eye contact, or lack thereof. Two different people can receive he same piece of communication and interpret it differently. I believe that communication is vital. Even if it is misconstrued, some communication, even poor communication, is better than no communication at all. I am a nurse, and there is a lot of communication that is required to do my job. Between myself and other nurses on my team, between us and the doctors that help us care for our patients, and between all of us and our patients and family members. Failure to communicate in such a setting could have very bad consequences.

  3. There has been a change in written communication just during my life time. I can remember awaiting a letter from my grandmother when I was young. Holding her thoughts of love in my hand meant so much to me. Now my kids can get on Facebook and leave their grandmother a message for later, when she has time. Or they can call her on skype for an immediate interaction. Not as precious in my opinion, yet they get to stay in touch and see what is going on right now with eachother, and they can see changes due to health or growth. Very important visual information which can determine that a trip to visit is needed. The great thing is that love is communicated in letters and visually.

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