Animals Communicate, Too!

Throughout the semester the kindergartners have been learning about communication.  After focusing ways people communicate we decided to take a look at the ways animals communicate.  We were surprised to find some similarities between people and animals.  Click on the picture below to visit a terrific website to learn how many different types of animals communicate.  Can you share some of the new things that you have discovered?  I would love to hear from you!


One thought on “Animals Communicate, Too!

  1. Hi Kinder Friends!

    Wow! How neat that you all have been talking about communication and you decided to compare human communication to animals! When I watched the website, I immediately thought of my dog, Bailey, and how he communicates with me and others. Bailey uses different forms of communication with me than he does with others he comes in contact with and I think that is because I am his owner. For example, when Bailey wants to play with me, he “play bows” but when friends come over he does not do this, he just brings them his toy to throw. Also, Bailey can tell even before I open the door that I am outside by my scent. It is quite something to see him at the door when I don’t think he knows I am coming. When we go for a walk, if he knows the person coming his way by scent, he wags his tail. If he doesn’t know the person by scent, his tail stands straight up in a defensive position.

    That is how I connected to what you all have learned! Thanks for sharing the website with me and I am going to continue to learn more about animals and communication; I love learning like you do!

    Miss Powers

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