Our “Not A Boxes”

After reading Not A Box and brainstorming and collaborating on Dabbleboard the kids had a chance to create their own Not A Box using Kidspiration.  They did a terrific job!  This was the first time many of the kids had used a laptop without a mouse.  They adapted with ease.  It is neat to see what young children are capable of!

Our “Not A Boxes”!! on PhotoPeach

5 thoughts on “Our “Not A Boxes”

  1. Wow Kindergarten! What great imaginations you have. I really enjoyed looking at your creations.

    Mrs. Fox

  2. Dear Kinder GT,

    Very nice work on Kidspiration. I especially liked your use of color in the drawings. My class was inspired by your Not A Box Dabbleboard, so we borrowed the book and created Not A Box pictures for math. Thanks for the great ideas!

    Mrs. Kistler
    a 49’er

  3. What wonderful use of color by all of you. So bright and expressive. Great job!

    Mike Bochantin

  4. Hi Kinder Friends,

    You all did a super job on the laptops! I loved the detail in your drawings and I love how creative you were in finding something to turn a box into! This story is one of my favorites and I am glad you had fun with it, too!

    Miss Powers

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