Which Face?

In kindergarten we’ve been talking about communicating nonverbally.  The students had an opportunity to match sentences to facial expressions.  It was great fun.  Each student chose one face and created a picture around the face.  We then brainstormed feeling words that matched our drawings.  The kids created a Feeling poem to go with their art piece.  Enjoy!

Which Face? on PhotoPeach 

Terrified by Molly


Worried by Hunter


Sleepy by Lindsay

Scared by Rebecca


Excited by Carly


Sick by Taetem

Hungry by Giovanni

Sick by Luke


Rude by Dylan


One thought on “Which Face?

  1. Hi Kinder Friends,

    WOW! Those were wonderful poems about feelings! I noticed you used the five senses to describe each feeling. What a great idea! Each of you were creative and did an amazing job!

    Feeling “Proud”,
    Miss Powers

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