Endless Fun With Boxes

Based on a book called Not A Box by Aintoinette Portis we discover that a cardboard box is much more than just a box.  Try your hand at turning these boxes into a Not A Box.

The embed feature is not working properly, so click on the book Not A Box to draw on the Dabbleboard.

not a box 2

3 thoughts on “Endless Fun With Boxes

  1. Hi Kinder Friends,

    I LOVE this book! What kinds of things did you turn your boxes into? I would turn my box into a radio, because I love music, and I would play all of my favorite songs on it!

    Then it would NOT be a box!
    Misss Powers

  2. Dear Kinder Kids,

    I love this post. What a neat way to think of a box! I would love to borrow this book. I see some applications for studying perimeter with my third graders.

    I’ve added to your picture, too. What is your favorite new shape?

    Mrs. Kistler

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