First Days!

The kindergarters drew a picture showcasing how they were feeling on their first day of GT.  We put them together using Voice Thread.  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “First Days!

  1. Dear Kinder GT,

    I think it is great that most of you are excited! My own kids were in GT, too and they loved it. My son, Larry, was nervous at first. But then he found out that he could do fun thinking, so he loved it after that.

    Happy Thinking,
    Mrs. Kistler

  2. Dear Kindergartners,

    I loved your pictures that matched your emotions about your first day in GT! I was in GT and my favorite part was that I had the chance to share my good thinking with friends who wanted to share their good thinking, too!

    Miss Powers

  3. Wow Kindergartners! It looks like everyone had a different feeling about GT. Your pictures are fantastic and thanks for sharing your feelings. I’m sure you will learn so much and have a wonderful time.

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