Divergent Thinkers

It is important that we learn to take risks as learners, to become creative thinkers.  A fun way to do this is to look at something from multiple perspectives.  Look at the shape below.  Use the Freehand drawing tool to add details to one of the squiggles to turn it into something new.

4 thoughts on “Divergent Thinkers

  1. I really appreciate the different mediums you are using to have the kids express themselves. We are excited to see what future projects they will be engaged in.

  2. I love to see the ways you are changing the squiggle. I see lots of unique ideas! I look forward to seeing what shows up next.

  3. Dear Divergent Thinkers,

    Love the scribbles! We’re working on geometry right now and YOUR thinking gave me an idea to use with my third graders. Keep up the great work!

    Mrs. Kistler

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