Communicating Feelings

Today was the first day of GT for the Kindergartners.  We brainstormed ways that you might feel about starting this new adventure.  Enjoy!  We would love to hear about a first day you have experienced.  How did you feel?  We are trying to expand our feeling vocabulary!

2 thoughts on “Communicating Feelings

  1. Dear Kindergartners,

    I remember my first day of third grade because I moved from California to Texas. I was at a new school with a new teacher and I did not have any friends, yet. I was feeling: apprehensive, curious, sensitive, and excited.

    Miss Powers

  2. Kindergartners,
    When I was 30 years old and Mrs. Germadnik was 4 1/2, we moved to Okinawa, Japan. I had never been that far from my home in Texas, and was so worried about moving to a foreign country with my husband and 3 children. My parents were sad to not see their grandchildren as often as they had in the past. I also had hoped to move to Europe, not Asia!!! Imagine my surprise when after 3 years on that small island, we had made the closest friends of our lives, and thoroughly enjoyed traveling all over the Orient. To this day, some 30+ years later, I still look at our time in Okinawa as my very favorite Air Force assignment.
    Once I got over my apprehension, fear, and sadness, I was open to experiencing the joy, learning, and happiness of my new environment.
    Mrs. Storer (Mrs. Germadnik’s Mom)

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