What Are You Willing To Give Up?

In 5th grade we are reading The Giver.  In this novel, the society has chosen to give up many things in their efforts to create an ideal world.  What would you be willing to give up in order to live in a so called Utopian Society?  Feel free to add a sticky note to our wall below, or comment on the ideas we have listed.

4 thoughts on “What Are You Willing To Give Up?

  1. I would be willing to give up (or at least) limit imported goods. Hopefully this would give our economy a boost.

  2. Dear 5th grade GT,
    I would be willing to give up my I-Pad, which is a huge sacrifice. I read most of my books on my I-pad and write a lot of stories there, too. I also keep my calendar on it, which keeps my family organized.
    Mrs. Kistler

  3. My sacrafice is like mrs. Kistler’s I would give up ny iTouch. Iam using it now to comment! I always have it with me. But if it is for a good cause I woupd give it up any day!

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